G`day mate,
I'm Joey Ray Shepherd!

About me:

I landed on Earth in the mid-70s. Mr. Creative was always by my side. At some point, somewhere, I decided that drawing and taking pictures weren't enough for me.
I have found my treasure and the journey is not over yet. There is still a lot to discover between all the stars.

My message:

During our short time in this Galaxy, we should grant every human being on this planet the right to free thought, expression, a dignified life, peace and appreciation, and treat our Earth as if it were a part of ourselves.

My songs:

My songs tell stories about the life, love, joy and strength that characterize people. But they also tell of the darkness and the abysses of the Homo Sapiens species.
My songs are a message for peace and appreciation, they are a warning and political.
No mainstream, no rules. That's how I understand art.

It´s my journey, it´s my passion!

Euer Joey

Hurricane - When will people understand that war is not a solution? How long will we continue to kill our children?

1000 - Mass tourism, no peace in paradise.

Mr. Worry - Dare to say what you have to say.


Friday Morning - She left you.


Big City - It´s the people not the place. What we don´t want to imagine lurks behind closed windows.

Old Mining Outback Town - Exploited and left behind.

You are so beautiful - just love.

Life goes on - You just have to be able to look in the mirror.

Europe Vacation - Neighbours, friends, United Europe.

Guardian Angel - What remains when mothers die.

Fröhliche Weihnacht - Marry Christmas, what exactly is Christmas?

You are one of a kind - For the greatest treasure, love.

I´m going crazy - Crazy times. What else can you actually believe?

Longing - It´s never nice to say goodbye.

Wir sind die Aliens - We are the aliens. ... and we learned nothing.

Alkohol - Alcohol, destroyed, the legal folk drug.

Dieser Moment - This moment, when happiness replaces everything.

Millionaire - Life makes us rich, not money.

Cross the rainbow - The last flight.

Songwriter - Embark on a journey.

The day of days - When nothing stops you anymore.

Long way back home - It´s a long way to get home.

Evolution - The true revolution.

Free World

What If